Aidan Update: Big Lifts, Best Friends, and Cookin’

Aidan is getting ready for his second semester at ASU. He found a great gym to work out at, is getting his room set up, and is breaking in the kitchen at the townhouse he’s moved into.

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College, 18 years and Voting!

Well, Aidan has officially been away at college for two months now (tear). He has had everything thrown at him in those two months but in true Aidan spirit he just “keeps swimming”. While he has been away he turned 18 years old (where did the time go?!) and has filled out his first official ballot to vote. VOTE! He’s really an adult now (sigh) however, we couldn’t be more proud of the amazing kid he is and the amazing adult he’s becoming.

We can’t wait for him to come home after Thanksgiving and tell us IN PERSON all of his crazy adventures that he’s been on while he’s been away.

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Aidan’s Graduation

The Rockford High School Graduation is tomorrow. It is a “drive-though” ceremony and is being live streamed. All the students have been assigned a time slot:

  • Abbott-Durham 2:45p-4:00p
  • Elhert-Kwast 4:15p-5:30p
  • LaPlante-Russell 5:45p-7:00p
  • Sageman-Zuidema 7:15p-8:30p

Our time slot is 2:45-4:00, so keep an eye out!

The live stream can be viewed on:

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New Open House Date and Graduation!

We just wanted to quickly let everyone know that a new open house date has been scheduled to concur with the new graduation date.

New open house date is July 18th from 6-9pm and we hope to see everyone there!

New Graduation date is currently scheduled for July 21st at 7:00pm.

Please keep an eye out for any updates or changed on our open house, graduation page that has full details for both events!

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